Commoner Guides is made to provide factual information to help individuals to improve in different aspects of business, internet marketing, entrepreneurship, creativity and life in general. One of the reason why I created this website is to offer knowledge and tips on how to earn extra income or side business online.  

A little side story about myself…

When I first started my online journey. It was a struggle, there are a lot of information in the internet and everything is very confusing. I think that’s what you call information overload. So what I did was test methods on how to do this and how to do that but everything failed. No decent results and everything was a failure. So I quit and move on with my life. After a year I saw this colleague of mine who owns a website and good with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So we talked about our online journeys and I told this colleague of mine about my failures. So she motivated me to try it again but she will be supporting me from the side. I was a disaster at first since I have no knowledge on how to create a website. But she was there and taught me step by step and to make the story short I succeeded on creating my first website and getting decent visitors to my pages. 

After that I started doing different ventures online in which all the methods that is available on this website was part of my learning experience and still giving me extra stream of income. 

A friendly advice

So my advice for those individuals starting their online journey is to never give up. Failure is a part of your success. And also don’t hesitate to ask help with someone that knows how to do this and that. Be hungry for knowledge. Set goals and I’m sure you will be successful. 


If you have any questions, suggestions or claims you can drop me a message or by clicking the link here.