All Time Favorite Cartoon Network Shows Old And New Generation

Who doesn’t love Cartoon Network? Its one of the best show that offers a lot of cool, educational, funny and action packed cartoons. Not only the new generation are enjoying this but the old one as well. You don’t agree? Well, ask your mom and dad!

 On this day, there are several TV shows that provides their audience animated TV shows but still Cartoon Network won’t disappoint you ever. 

Let me share with you the All Time Favorite Cartoon Network Shows Old and New Generation. 

1. Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexters Laboratory - cartoon network shows 90s

Dexter’s Laboratory is one of the most watched cartoon network shows in the 90’s and even today. Who doesn’t love to watch Dexter with his crazy yet adorable little sister Dee Dee. I like this show how they project creativity to their audience. Who doesn’t want to be a scientist when you’re little right?

One of the reason why this cartoon show is one of the greatest its because Dexter’s Laboratory teach you your very first french word. Do you remember the “omelette du fromage” episode? If not check this video link here. Pretty cool right?

There are valuable lessons that we can acquire on watching this show like, even Dee Dee her little sister destroys anything on her lab but at the end she still loves her sister. Even Mandark his arch nemesis but at the end of the day they are still friends or not. 

2. Johnny Bravo

johnny bravo cartoon network shows old

When you hear the name Johnny Bravo what’s the first thing that comes in to your mind? Big guy, small legs with a yellow Elvis hair right? Also don’t forget his sunglasses on. That’s him alright! If you knew then your childhood is totally epic. 

Johnny Bravo is a cartoon show which the main character is basically a confident guy who always hits on girls. Its really fun to watch since all the girls reject him but still his self confidence never wavers. Actually there is this one episode that she was actually successful on getting a girl but it was all just a dream. 

There are good lessons that we can get from this cartoon show. First is his undying love to his mother. I know how he really treasures her mom and he’s a certified Mama’s boy. Also Johnny Bravo teaches us that we need to stay positive in life even there are a lot of obstacles and rejections. 

3. Power Puff Girls

These adorable trio will absolutely make your day. Power puff girls is an action-packed cartoon show but also a lot of cuteness from the side. These girls fight crimes all day in the name of justice to those who wreak havoc in Townsville. The girls name are Bubbles (Blue), Blossom (Red) and Buttercup (Green). 

So do you know where the Power Puff Girls came from? It was the professor that made them. It was from Sugar, Spice and everything nice. But the professor accidentally added Chemical X and that’s when Power Puff girls were born. 

Lessons that we audience can get from this show is Obedience. They always follow the professor’s instruction. Sometimes the girls make mistakes but at the end of the day they reflect on it and be better. The show also teaches us what is right and what is wrong. 

4. Samurai Jack

All Time Favorite Cartoon Network Shows Old And New Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack is an action filled adventure where in Jack the main character was sent to the future by his arch nemesis Aku. Now the companion-less Jack is searching for a way back to his timeline at the same time searching on how he can defeat Aku which is an immortal being. Equip with his robe and magical katana which can slice through everything that he encounters. All on his own he should survive his way to endless battle with different beings to reach his final destination. 

Jack is definitely a role model when it comes to perseverance. He never gives up nor abandon the hope to finally go back to his time line. With his sword skills watch how he defeat his opponents and uncover if he is able to go back to his real home or not.

6. Tom and Jerry

The never ending feud between Tom(cat) and Jerry(mouse) is definitely one of the most watched cartoon show before and even now. Watching them will definitely make you giggle. Witness how the quick witted Jerry gets away from Tom who endlessly chase him away every episodes. But not all episodes are just a good ending for Jerry, there are several episodes that Tom also did have a good ending.

7. Courage the Cowardly Dog

Meet Courage the cowardly dog which is actually a weird but hilarious cartoon show. Most of the episodes Courage encounters peculiar beings that has a mischievous plan towards Muriel and Eustace(his owners).  Muriel loves Courage but Eustace is the opposite, he always shout and bully courage. 

Actually Courage is not that cowardly at all. In fact he always saves the day with the help of his old computer. He’s cowardly with his reactions but he is definitely the hero of the story. 

8. Ben 10

There are a lot of changes with Ben 10 up to date but I think all the seasons are definitely worth watching. The quality of graphics change from better to best. But the story line is still the same. Ben who is the main character uncovers the secret of his Omnitrix where at the beginning he can only change to 10 different alien forms. But as the story goes on he unravels the secrets on how to maximize the full potential of his Omnitrix. Wherein he could change to all life forms he want with out any down time when changing.

Experience the non-stop fighting scenes together with his sister Gwen and Uncle Max battling forces of evil aliens who wants to invade earth. This is one of the best Cartoon Network Shows old and new generation alike.

9. The Jetsons

In a far yet futuristic place where flying cars and floating houses are a norm. The Jetsons was the best futuristic cartoon show in the 90’s. Who doesn’t want to have a maid that is a robot? You can just tell it anything you want. Who said flying cars doesn’t experience traffic? Everything there is definitely out of this world. The creativity is just so amazing.

10. Scooby-Doo 

All Time Favorite Cartoon Network Shows Old And New Scooby doo

Who doesn’t know Scooby Doo? If not then let me tell you how exciting this Cartoon Network Show is. Scooby Doo is in fact a great Dane who loves solving mystery as long as there is a Scooby snack. Scooby Doo and his gang are like detectives who will solve mysteries concerning about ghost, treasures, haunted houses and a lot more. 

The gang is composed of Fred, Vilma, Scooby, Shaggy and Daphne. Fred is like the leader of the group. Vilma is literally the brains of the group. Scooby is the big dog of the group. Shaggy is Scooby’s best pal and Daphne is the pretty girl in the gang. 

This Cartoon Network show is like the original of solving mysteries in the 90’s. Scooby is not your typical dog since he’s very scared and amusing at the same time. If you like solving mysteries then this is definitely for you.

11. Teen Titans

All Time Favorite Cartoon Network Shows Old And New Teen titans

This group of super heroes is definitely kick ass. Teen Titans is an action-packed non-stop fighting galore. If you’re a kid then this would be definitely your favorite Cartoon Network show. Robin as their leader they would encounter dozen of enemies and still overcome all the difficulties. 

Teen Titans is composed of Raven, Beast boy, Cyborg, Star Fire and Robin. This group of super heroes fights crime everyday and still in their teenage days. Some days they are just their normal teenage days but most of the time they are giving justice to those who break the law.

12. Pokémon

All Time Favorite Cartoon Network Shows Old And New Pokemon

Before Disney got their hands on Pokémon, it was actually aired on Cartoon Network. The first generation of Pokémon is one of the most watched in Cartoon Network show. The story line is definitely one of the best in that period. Watch how Ash the main character acquire his buddy Pikachu for the first time. After that he travels across the land fighting trainers and gaining different badges. As he travels he acquired different Pokémons and others got evolve and become one of his strongest card. You can say this amazing Cartoon Network shows old and new generation are enjoying alike.

13. Naruto

Naruto is a story of a ninja who doesn’t have friends at first due to his past. He was considered a prankster on the Hidden Leaf Village just to get others to notice him. In reality he was just a sad little boy who doesn’t have anyone to talk to. But his first teacher never gave up on him as a result he becomes dedicated with his training and other activities of a ninja. After that his ultimate dream is to become a Hokage. Hokage is like the leader of a village. Watch and witness if he’s able to achieve his dream or not. 

14. Cow and Chicken

All Time Favorite Cartoon Network Shows Old And New Cow and Chicken

Do you know Cow and Chicken are siblings? Also their mom and dad are human but only half  of their body are shown every episodes. This Cartoon Network show was hilarious. I think this was aired around the 90’s. So chicken is the big brother and cow is his little sister. They made a great duo with their weird yet fun adventure.

15. Codename: Kids Next Door

All Time Favorite Cartoon Network Shows Old And New Codename kids next door

Another fun and riot filled adventure with the Kids next door. Who said its not fun being a lot of 10 year old kids? This was one of the most popular TV Cartoon show last 2000’s. Each kids has its own special skill that help them fight against villain and bad adults.

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