13 Fun Things To Do On Sunday Night If You Feel Bored

So what do you usually do on a Sunday night? I think a lot of you guys will answer “take a rest of course” since after Sunday its back to work again or class if you’re still studying. Well that’s true to many but there are several ways that you can make your Sunday night fun. Its not just readying yourself for a work week to come. So let me share with the list of fun things to do on Sunday night.

1. Play Jenga

Play Jenga with the family on sundays nights

Play this thrilling strategy game with your family and friends. Make sure to set a time limit because time really flies so fast while playing Jenga. The rules playing this game is simple. Each players will have a chance to remove a block and put it all the way into the top of the tower. Who ever makes the tower break or fall will be the loser. As the players remove blocks from the tower it will slowly become unstable. So this game definitely needs some skills and strategy. So make plans this Sunday and play it with your family or friends.

2. Foot Massage

Fun things to do on a sunday night foot massage

Having a foot massage on a Sunday night would be the most rewarding feeling ever. Those little feet needs to have a pamper time as well. Spoil them a little and the result is totally worth it. If you haven’t made plans for a foot massage this weekend then I suggest to book for it now.

3. Dinner Date

Dinner Date with your love ones or special some one

What would be a perfect Sunday night for you? To have a dinner date with your love one would be the ultimate goal of many. Even if you’re single now it doesn’t mean that you can’t. You can have dinner with your family, BFF and even you’re closest friends.

If you had been busy from work then Sunday night would be the perfect night to catch things up. Tell him or her what’s the embarrassing moment you’ve done this week. I think you made some funny moments at work this past few days. Laugh it off and enjoy the night. Who said that there is no fun things to do on Sunday night?

4. Be The Cook

Fun Things To Do On Sunday Night Be the Cook

If you don’t want to have a dinner outside then be the cook. Cook your favorite dish on this Sunday night. Its a fulfilling experience if you cook something on your own nevertheless if someone complimented after they tasted your cooking.

5. Post something positive

13 Fun Things To Do On Sunday Night Post something good

Posting something positive on your social media accounts can be contagious. If you’re feeling good about posting something then others will feel the same thing once they’ve seen your post. If you post something bad then the result will be not good as well. Be a positive vibe every Sunday night and share it with your social media friends. You’ll never know that you will make someone happy.

6. Sing your heart out

sing your heart out every sunday night

I think singing would be the perfect thing to do on a Sunday night. If you could also play the guitar then everything is set. You can even invite your friends to jam and sing with you. It doesn’t matter if singing is not your strongest point as long as you enjoy the music then what more could you ask for?

7. Watch Your Favorite Netflix Show

watch your favorite netfix show and enjoy the sunday night

Its the last day of the weekend so its time to watch your favorite show on Netflix. Now you have two options, you can watch it with some one or you can watch it by yourself. I prefer the latter part so you can concentrate and more likely there will be less disturbance. Prepare some snacks before watching it though. Why? Because its not complete if you don’t have something to eat. Snacks makes the show more interesting in a way.

8. Eat Ice Cream

Fun Things To Do On Sunday Night eat ice cream

If you haven’t tasted an ice cream for a long time then now would be the time. I know a lot of you are abstaining to eat sweets but sometimes its better to give in to temptation. Also it would be good if you spoil yourself occasionally.

9. Night Walk

Walking is a good exercise for your body. Also it helps you later on to have a good night sleep. Walk around the neighborhood on a Sunday night for at least 10 to 20 mins would be enough to make a good exercise. Make this a habit and you will become more productive not only from your work but life in general.

10. Call Your Love Ones

call your love ones to keep them updated

If your away from home and you haven’t talked to your family this past few weeks then calling them would be a nice thing to do. Or if you already have a house and family of your own then its a must to get in touch with them. Update them on what’s happening around you so that they won’t be left out. You know Just a simple call would mean so much to them. 

11. Play Video Games

Its game night so play video games with the gang or if you have kids already then play it with them. Its super fun being competitive while playing games with a human being compared to playing with a computer. 

12. Browse Old Pictures

Looking at old photos reminds you of the past even if its a sad or a happy memory, because that’s what makes who you are right now. I’m sure scrolling through them will make you laugh at the same time emotional. You can even share it on social media to your friends who were part of it and laugh it out with them. Tagging them would be one of the best fun things to do on Sunday night.

13. Online Shopping


As of today technology is pretty much advance where in you can order almost anything online. If you have something that you want and you could not find it at your local mall then you can definitely order it online. What’s more convenient in today’s online shopping apps are the reviews. If the item is great then it will have a lot of positive reviews but if not then you need to stay away from it as far as possible. 

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