How To Be a Good Dad – 15 Amazing Tips

How to be a good dad and a good husband

Have you ask this yourself, do you know how it takes to be a good dad? Not only for your kids but also a good husband to your wife. Parenthood is still an early stage in life where in you can enjoy and savor the moments with your family.

Nowadays a lot of parents tend to forget their role and the main reason is they prioritize work more than their children. Also there are instances that we as father are lacking something. So let me share with you 15 amazing ways on how to be a good dad or a father figure in general. 

1. Treasure the moments with them

Appreciate little happy moments with your kids. At the end of a tiring day just by thinking happy moments with them definitely relieves your tired body. 

Time flies and its faster than you think. Don’t take it for granted that they are always there. Be thankful and as much as possible if you have a free time spend it with them. 

2. Be appreciative

 Always appreciate even if its just a small gesture. With a simple thanks and a compliment you can brighten up their day. At the end of the day even little and simple things such as this do matter. 

3. Be a good listener

Always have a time to listen on what they are trying to share. This will make your bond stronger. Sometimes kids are just misunderstood and we as parents doesn’t even listen to their part. Hear them out, sometimes all it takes is just to listen. 

4. Be a good role model

Your actions reflects on how you mold them to be an individual. So in order for them to be a good person show them what a good person is or tell them how to be a good dad in the future. Tell them what is right and what is wrong. Show them what is proper and what is not. Kids attitude outside reflects what kind of environment they have at home. 

5. Play and enjoy with them

Playtime is where you got to enjoy the company of each other. Having fun with them is one of the most rewarding moment in your life. Tell them jokes to develop their sense of humor. 

6. Teach them how to be independent

I think you are familiar with a scenario wherein they could not make a simple decision and just tends to entrust it with you. Its OK to spoil them a little but from time to time teach them how to do things on their own. 

Appoint some of the household chores at home. Like washing the dishes or cleaning their room. This simple ways will make a good foundation to make them an independent individual in the future.

7. Always protect them

In this generation there are a lot of distractions and also bad influences around them. One is technology wherein they can access almost everything in the internet. Educate them on what is happening around them. Don’t feel awkward if the topic is sensitive. Tell them a story or relate them from your experience this way they will know that you are sincere. 

8. Let them play

Kids will always be kids. Don’t be strict if they want to play outside with their friends. Just tell them that don’t go far away or else they will not be able to play next time. You can set a time limit as well at the same time to teach them to follow the rules. 

9. Cuddle them or give them hugs

It’s not going to bring down your manliness by showing affection with your kids. Not only moms have the right to hug their children. Dads can also show their love through hugging. 

10. Limit their TV time and video games

This is one of the main distraction for all the kids out there. Also this is the one thing that they abused most. Set a schedule when they can watch TV and play video games. Also set a time limit for them to follow. In case they forgot about the time you can warn them at first. But after they did it again, decrease their allowable time to watch TV and play video games. 

11. Reward them

Reward them when they do good deeds or if they do good in their studies. This is one way to make them feel that they did a good job. Rewarding them doesn’t mean to buy them expensive gadgets or toys. A simple treat like buying their favorite ice cream or dine in at their favorite restaurant.

12. Don’t argue in front of them

There are instances that we can’t control our emotion and thus the arguments will start. If possible never argue in front of your children. This will make them uncomfortable and also this is where they will choose sides. This will also make them afraid of you. If ever you can’t contain your emotion just take a deep breath and count to ten. I know its not easy but I think this will prevent you from saying unnecessary things. 

13. Practice saying Thank you and Please

Teach them how to say “Thank you”, “Please” and “May I” at home. Practice it with them as well. As a parent you need to be the first one to initiate good manners and show it to them.

14. Treat them equally

Be fair and treat them equally. As much as possible don’t compare them with each other that’s when jealousy starts. Each of your children are unique in their on ways so don’t practice favoritism. There are instances that one of them excel at something and the other one doesn’t so you need to encourage not discourage. 

15. Don’t miss activities and important events with them

As a father it is your role to be there when there are events and activities. Don’t neglect your duty as a dad because that’s when they will start to put a wall in your relationship. Don’t ever make them feel how sad they are looking at other kids along with their parents enjoying the activities.


Just follow this tips on how to be a good dad and you’re all set. Life is just a cycle that keeps on repeating. So when you are a good father to your children they will be a great father to their children.

If you have additional idea on how to be a good dad then you can comment it below and I will add it to this list. If you have questions just post it below and I’ll be more than happy to answer it.

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