How To Create Your First Website With WordPress

Creating your very first website with WordPress is actually tough if you don’t know where to start. Even if its just a click and go it will still be difficult if its going to be your first time doing it. Trust me, I’ve been there and it takes a while for you to get the hang of it. Don’t worry I’ll help you out break down on all the important things on how to create a website with WordPress.

Why should we create a website?

whats the purpose of creating a website with wordpress

There are a lot of reason why having a website is important. Let me give you an example, if you have a product that you want to sell would it be better to have a website and show it publicly across the globe?

Another example, if you own a business would you look more professional if you have a website for your business?

Also I think some of us are creating websites that give value to our readers at the same time monetizing it with ads to earn money. If you go full time on creating websites then this can become one of your main source of income.

Tips to remember before creating a website

  • You should already have chosen a good domain name for your business, product, blog or brand.
  • Go for .com .net .org Top Level Domains (TLD). I suggested this because if you were a visitor searching something on Google, would you click on .xyz .online .biz TLDs or rather the .com .net .org?
  • Always look for coupons for your domain and hosting. You will get a lot of good deals since this would be your first time signing up with them.
  • Always make a back up for the account names, passwords and emails that you will going to use. This is just to prevent problems in the future. Make it a habit to save all the important information.

Steps on how to create a website with WordPress

  1. Go to or Godaddy to buy your domain. 
  2. After choosing a good name for your domain just follow the instruction to check out and complete the purchase.
  3. Once you have acquired the domain you can either buy a hosting package with them or you can choose other hosting services.
  4. Choose a hosting package that you want, if you are just starting out you can select a shared hosting package. Usually its the most affordable plan around $3-$7 per month. Quick tip if you want to have a big discount you can choose a package and pay it yearly.
  5. Just follow the steps on how to complete the purchase of your hosting package. 
  6. Once your hosting plan is activated you will receive an email on how to access your Control panel. Make sure to remember all the account names and password or it would be best to save it on your computer.
  7. If you are using a different hosting service you need to change the name server of your domain to your hosting name server. All of this information will be available on the e-mail that they sent.
  8. It will take around 2-4 hours for all services to be activated. 
  9. Now go to your control panel on your hosting page. 
  10. Scroll down below and you will see the Softaculous App Installer. Below that option you will see the WordPress logo. Click on that.
  11. You will be directed on the WordPress page where you will install it to your website. 
  12. Just follow the instruction on how to install WordPress for your website. Its quick and easy. Make sure to use a different login name. The default is admin. Change it to whatever you want and also you need to have a strong password for accessing your admin page of your WordPress. Make a back up for your password. Note all the important details for your website.
  13. Congratulations you now have successfully created a website with WordPress. Now you can customize the theme and start designing your site. Put necessary contents to describe your website. 


Is there a way to create a website without a budget?

Yes of course. You can sign up on and create an account with them. The difference of a free account compared to the one I provided you is that your website name will have a wordpress word on it. For example

Also when you customize your theme on the free account it will be limited wherein if you have a budget to buy a domain and hosting you can do anything you want.

How can I earn money with my website?

Well there are a lot of ways for you to make money with your website. Let me give you several examples, if your website is already getting traffic you can monetize your site with Adsense. What will happen is that your website will display advertisements and every time a visitor clicks on an ad you will be paid by the advertisers on Adsense.

You can also create a review website for indoors and outdoors equipment and monetize it with amazon affiliate program. For every visitor who click your links or ads on your website and when they buy anything from Amazon you will be commissioned. 

Why is my website not appearing on Google if I search for it?

The reason why your website is not yet on Google its because its new and its not yet indexed. 

How can I index my website quickly?

There is a quick method for your website to get indexed quickly. What you need to do is sign up for Google Webmasters Tool. Once you created an account you need to add your website on GWMT. You also need to verify that your the owner of the site. There are several ways on how to verify it just follow the instructions on how to do it. 

Next is to add the Yoast plugin on your website. Just go to the plugin tab and search for Yoast plugin. Install then activate it. Once activated go to SEO tab then go to Features tab. Below it look for XML sitemaps. It needs to be set to on. Once its on click the the question mark logo and copy your XML sitemap link. 

Now go to your Google Webmasters Tool or Google Search Console. Go to Sitemaps on the left side of your screen. Paste your website’s XML sitemap their and that’s it. Google will crawl to your page every time you have a new post thus will index your website more quickly.

 If you have more questions which regards to creating a website with WordPress you can comment it below and I’m more than happy to answer them for you.


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