10 Ways On How To Become More Productive In Life

How to become more productive? Its tough right? I know that life can be such a pain in the ass sometimes. That feeling when you just want to crawl into your bed and doze off the whole day. Feeling tired just thinking  all of your daily routines and you feel that everything is just not in order. And you just don’t care anymore. Well, we all experience this several or let’s say once in our lifetime. So let me share with you on how we can overcome this and how to become more productive in life.

1. Get the right amount of sleep


I know that some of us are not getting enough sleep since we have mountain of tasks that needs to be finished. Upcoming deadline that needs to be done will surely result in sleepless nights. We all need to sacrifice something to get what we want in life and that is true. But we also need to take care of our health in order to do that we need to get ourselves have a proper rest time.

Limit yourself from overworking. If possible, get your task done before the due date. Some of us are doing unnecessary things and just wasting time.  Once the deadline is near that’s when they start to work and feel pressured since they need to catch things up. Learn to manage your time. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours is a must. Studies show by sleeping 7-8 hours will make your more productive compared to sleeping 2-4 hours. Don’t abuse your body since that is your main source of income. 

2. Exercise daily

How to become more productive in life by exercising daily

Did you know just by doing 10-15 minutes walk everyday will make you become more productive at work? 

Some of us don’t have time to go to the gym because of work. If its not possible or if its too far away from your home then you can just do some indoor exercise. Trust me, a 30 minutes walk or jog in the morning will make you more energetic and more productive compared to not doing anything at all. 

Make it a daily habit, as long as it makes you sweat then its all good. A little exercise a day will make a difference. Little by little you will notice that you still have more energy even after your work. 

3. Take a breather and spend time with your family

Some of us are already fed up with all the daily routines that we encounter everyday. It doesn’t hurt if we can get away from work and spend that day with our family. 

Spending time with your family will make you feel relaxed and it will also make you realize that doing all the work is for their sake. This will motivate you even further and become more productive than ever. Always bear in mind that your family is always there to support you.

4. Sometimes its best to ask help from stuff that you don’t understand 

I know some of us doesn’t like to ask someone for help especially if the problem is too personal or related to work. Also one of the reason is your gigantic ego. But sometimes it won’t hurt so much if you ask someone to help you out if you are having difficulties understanding something. You can ask your family or some of your close friends. You will never know that they might help you out solving your the issue. 

There’s a saying that “no man is an island”, meaning no one is capable of doing everything alone. What I’m trying to say is that you have your family and friends to support you when your in a pinch. Go ahead and ask help from them if its too much for you to handle.

5. Drink plenty of water

Have you ever experience that when you’re thirsty you can’t think normally and you’ll have far less energy? Being dehydrated is one of the reason why individuals are unproductive. We need water in our daily activities and we need water in order for us to survive

Make it a habit to drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday. You will notice that if you stay hydrated you will be getting more energy and you will become more productive.

6. Cut off the negative vibes

Stay away from negative people. Some of us have friends who we know that is a bad apple but we still stick to them for the sake of friendship. Having a lot of friends is a good thing but if one or several of them are giving you an uncomfortable feeling might as well ditch them. Why stick to people that you are uneasy to begin with. 

7. Learn from your failures

learn from  your failures

Its not going to be a success all the time. Sometimes we need to appreciate it even if its a failure. We need to learn from our mistakes that’s the first process to moving on at the same time improving ones self. 

Remember that failure is not the final result unless you quit then that’s it. To make your failure become a success you need to understand why you failed and make it even better the next time you try it.

8. Do not multi-task

Doing multiple things at the same time is a recipe for a disaster. I mean multitasking is a great skill but you need to be an expert of each task in order to be effective. If you are doing several things that you are not familiar with why not just focus on each task one by one. Doing this will make you more confident than doing several things at once.

9. Continue growing

Continue learning or growing

Its never to late to read books about something new or not related to your line of work. Be hungry for knowledge. Keep learning everyday. Make it a habit to read a book 30 minutes daily. Keep your mind sharpen, in this era the most powerful tool in business or life in general is knowledge.

10. Treat yourself out

After you get the job done it won’t be a big deal to reward yourself a little. Its a good feeling being able to accomplish something or reach a milestone at the same time pampering your self or buying things that you want for your self. Don’t forget that the main reason that we are working is to have a better life. Treat yourself from time to time. 

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